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Facility & Dome Rental

Facility Rental

Independent School District #885 facilities are available for use by community members through Community Education. For more information on rentals of our STMA facilities including the Dome, contact Jim Mauss, Facilities & Activities Coordinator or 763-497-6550 ext. 2

STMA All Purpose Facility Dome Resources & Forms

The domed all-purpose facility is designed to meet the arts, academic, and athletic needs of students, along with providing community access. The all-purpose facility will be used for PE classes throughout the day and after school for high school activities such as lacrosse, soccer, baseball, softball, dance, golf, and marching band. The dome will also be rented to community youth organizations (lacrosse, baseball, softball, soccer, etc.) and other community groups every weeknight and on weekends. The district also plans to use the dome for toddler/youth play during the day as well as partnering with local business and civic groups for dome use.

Community Use of School Facilities

Click the link to review which locations are available for rental, rules, policies, and fees Community Use of School Facilities, Rule, Policies, Fees regarding facility use.

Requests for facility use must be submitted by all groups at least seven business days in advance of your event together with a copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance.  

Questions about facility rentals contact Jim Mauss, Facilities and Activities Coordinator: or 763-497-6550 ext. 2

 Rental Rates

STMA Middle School West - Auditorium & STMA High School Performing Arts Center (PAC) Resources

STMA MSW Auditorium Theatre Technical Information

STMA Performing Arts Center Information

Picture of the Performance  Arts Center