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Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

Watch for our class offerings in the Community Education Brochure
coming in August. 


If you have questions regarding ECFE,
please contact Shonna Hoeper at
or call 763-497-6512

We are So Excited to Meet Your Family! 

It is our mission to provide each family with a positive introduction to STMA schools.

STMA Early Childhood inspires to create engaging environments for young children and families. Each room is designed for all developmental learning levels and styles. Your children will play, explore and grow with us.
We have a class for every family! 

What is ECFE?

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) recognizes that parents are their child's first and most important teachers. ECFE offers parents hands-on learning experiences that will nourish a lifetime of teachable moments. 

All ECFE classes are taught by licensed early childhood teachers and parent educators to provide the quality educations parents are looking for. ECFE teachers use the Parent Education Core Curriculum Indicators of Progress: Minnesota's Early Learning Standards provided through the Minnesota Department of Education. 

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Where is ECFE Located?

ECFE is located in the STMA Community Education Center. Park in the parking lot directly behind the Historic St. Michael Catholic Church (enter from Co. Rd. 19) and enter through door A. You may also park in the larger lower lot and enter through doors C or D.

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ECFE works to strengthen families.

ECFE's goal is to enhance the ability of parents and other family members to provide the best possible environment for their child's learning and growth.


Contact for more information:
Shonna Hoeper
Early Childhood Coordinator

St. Michael-Albertville ECFE Goals:

While attending the STMA ECFE Program, children will:

  • build relationships with peers and adults as well as develop emotional connections and expression of feelings and grow an appreciation of rules
  • and routines.  (SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL)
  • establish verbal and nonverbal tools for communicating with others and participate in books, stories, and songs.  (LANGUAGE/LITERACY)
  • use exploration to discover new information through play and become problem solvers by approaching new activities with curiosity and wonder.  (COGNITIVE)
  • express creativity through multiple mediums and be encouraged to use imagination during pretend play and social interactions.  (ARTS)
  • grow large and small motor control and coordination during physical activity and develop self-help skills by expanding independence.  (MOTOR)

While working with parents, ECFE staff will:

  • Communicate the importance of parent’s role as child’s first teacher
  • Provide parents realistic expectations and knowledge of child development stages.
  • Support parent-child relationships and demonstrate positive interactions 
  • Guide parents through transition of early childhood to kindergarten and school-age years
  • Provide opportunities for formal and informal social networks
  • Introduce families to available community resources