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5 Steps To A Driver License

Community Education (CE) Office Hours:

Need to pick up Blue or White Cards? See Community Education hours of operation below.

SUMMER HOURS (June 1 - Labor Day): 
Monday - Thursday
8:00am - 1:30pm 
Other times available upon request.

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm

5 Steps To A Driver License 

Download and print this information for step by step instructions on obtaining a Driver License. 

Download Here

1. Driver Education Classroom Course & Parent/Student Meeting

Successfully complete STMA Community Education Driver Education classroom course.

PARENT/STUDENT MEETING: If a Parent/Student Meeting is held during your students’ class a Certificate of Completion will be prepared for those families who attend the meeting. NOTE: The Certificate of Completion is held at the Community Education office and given to parents when students pick up their White Card. In addition, if you and parent and student attends a Parent/Student Meeting, your student will log 40 supervised driving hours, rather than 50 hours without attending the Parent/Student Meeting.

2. Blue Card: Knowledge (Permit) Test

The BLUE CARD allows students to take the Knowledge (Permit) Test. 

  • Students who are 15 years old or older during the class are eligible to receive their BLUE CARD at the end of the class. 
  • Students who turn 15 years old after the class, will pick up their BLUE CARD on or after their 15th birthday at the Community Education Office, 60 Central Ave. W, St. Michael (Door B). 
  • Go online to to schedule the Class D Knowledge Test. If assistance is needed to schedule an appointment call (651) 284-1234
  • Go to the Department of Public Safety (Driver and Vehicle Services) exam station to take the Class D Knowledge (Permit) Test. 

3. Behind the Wheel 

Six hours of Behind the Wheel with an instructor is required by the State.

IMMEDIATELY after passing the Knowledge (Permit) Test, EMAIL Connie Peters (Behind the Wheel Scheduler) at, to place your student on the list for Behind the Wheel instruction. 

Please provide Connie with the following information about your student when you email her:

Full LEGAL name of student 
Date of Birth
Contact person name and cell phone number
Student cell phone number (if applicable)
Date student passed Permit Test

  • A $40 fee will be charged if student is late for or misses their Behind the Wheel lesson.
  • Students must show a valid permit at each scheduled Behind the Wheel lesson.

Parents/Guardians will assist student practice driving. Students log the state required Behind the Wheel hours on the official Supervised Driving Log or students can use the "Road Ready" app. to log their driving hours. NOTE: Students must print the hours logged from the app and turn it in before taking their Skills (road) Test. 


4. White Card: Skills (Road) Test & Certificate of Completion

The WHITE CARD is required to take the Skills (Road) Test.

Student should pick up the WHITE CARD from the Community Education Office (Door B), after completing six hours of Behind the Wheel with the driving instructor. A Certificate of Completion will also be given out at this time if a Parent/Student Meeting was attended.

Student must bring their PERMIT to the Community Education Office when picking up the White Card. Student signs the White Card in front of Community Education staff. Student will be asked the name of their Behind the Wheel instructor and the date the six hours of instruction were completed.

5. Skills (Road) Test

Schedule the Skills (Road) Test Online

Bring to Skills (Road) Test at a DVS Exam Station:

  • White card
  • Certificate of Completion (if applicable)
  • Social Security Card (or know the number)
  • Driving Log (Paper log or Print the log if Road Ready App was used)
  • Cash or check for applicable fees

Do not schedule the skills (road) test until behind the wheel hours are scheduled. If assistance is needed to schedule Knowledge or Skill tests call (651) 284-1234. Questions about Driver Education call Community Education: 763.497.6550